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Beware of Dog… Near Your Air Conditioner

What to Do When You Keep Pets Near Your AC Unit

As much as we love our dogs, we all know there are times when “man’s best friend” gets on our bad list. When Max pees on the carpet, you may find yourself annoyed. When Fido sheds all over the house, you can get a little irritated. But, what happens when he harms your air conditioner?

That’s right. When unsupervised, your dog can be a threat to your air conditioner—and, inevitably, your home’s comfort! Here are a few reasons why and what to do when they happen.

When Your Dog Pees on Your AC Unit

Your dog’s pee might ruin your carpet, but that’s just a stain—that you can live with if you have to. When your dog pees on your AC unit, it’s another story. The outside unit of your air conditioner is called the condenser unit and often these are in backyards or exposed on the sides of homes. When a dog lifts his leg, it can cause the metal to be eaten away thereby causing corrosion on the refrigerant coil.


How can we prevent this? To protect your condenser in the backyard, you can:

  • Plant bushes. This may keep your dog’s spray from reaching the condenser, even if he chooses to mark his territory near your AC unit.
  • Build a fence. This may discourage the dog from going near the unit; or, at the very least, make it harder for him to reach your unit.
  • Use odor sprays. Using odor sprays can deter your dog from choosing this spot to urinate.

If you are building a new home, think about the placement of the condenser. It might be best on the side of the house—instead of the front or back—where your dog or others cannot reach it. If it’s already happened, it’s best to call in a professional AC service technician to see how much damage has occurred.

When Your Dog Chews Your AC Wiring

Though you had puppy-proofed everything in your home? If you’re planning to leave your dog outdoors for extended periods of time, don’t forget to check your AC wiring. Puppies, or dogs of any age, are known to chew through thermostat wires and other parts of your AC unit.

How to prevent this from happening? Ideally, the best way to prevent your dog from chewing through your AC wiring is to keep him or her indoors. If this is not possible, make sure your AC wires are not visible—you can do this by following the instructions for protecting your condenser. Plant bushes or build a fence to make accessing your AC unit much more difficult for Fido!

Have Questions About How to Prevent AC Failure?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning. If you are unsure if Fido has already damaged your air conditioning unit, schedule an air conditioner inspection by giving us a call at (248) 579-2362. We’re happy to help solve any AC problems you may have!

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