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AC Installation in Livonia, Michigan

After a long summer day, there’s nothing better than returning to the comfort of your own home. But imagine returning to a home that is as hot as the temperatures outside!

There is nothing more inconvenient or uncomfortable than a broken air conditioner. Keep your family calm, cool, and collected all summer long by replacing your inefficient AC unit with a new Carrier air conditioner replacement!

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Looking for AC installation service in Livonia? Get a Carrier air conditioner installed by Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning—a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. To schedule an appointment, contact us online!

When Is it Time To Install a New AC System?

Most central air conditioning systems, when properly maintained, have a life span of about 10 to 15 years. Obviously, if your air conditioner goes completely kaput, you need a new one no matter how old it is. But if your AC is more than 10 years old, it may be time to start thinking about a new model.

New air conditioners are far more efficient than older models and have advanced features that make it easier to control your home’s comfort level. Many homeowners report that their new Carrier air conditioner paid for itself over time because its energy-efficient operation lowered their home energy bills.

Still not sure whether you should schedule an air conditioner repair or replacement? Read more here.

Carrier Air Conditioner Installation in Livonia

As a homeowner, you understand how important it is to maintain the comfort levels of your home. When you need a new central air conditioner installed in the Livonia, MI area, there’s only one name you need to know—Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning! As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, you can rest assured when selecting us as your trusted air conditioning contractor.

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When you choose us for your air conditioner installation or replacement, we will provide you with the area’s highest quality air conditioning service. At Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning, we proudly install Carrier air conditioners. With Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER) between 13 and 21, there is an energy-efficient Carrier air conditioner for every price point.

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Carrier Infinity® Series Air Conditioners

The quietest, most efficient Carrier air conditioners are part of the Infinity® series.

  • Infinity® 21 – With a two-stage compressor, the 21 keeps your home at top comfort while staying mostly in low stage, saving energy and running quieter.
  • Infinity® 19VS – A master at keeping humidity levels low and temperatures nice and even, the 19VS features variable-speed compression that can run as low as 25% capacity. That means you stay cool while saving energy.
  • Infinity® 17 – The 17 is ENERGY STAR® qualified in all sizes and is a champ for beating the summer humidity (when managed by the Infinity control). It has the same quiet operation and high efficiency as the Infinity® models above.
  • Infinity® 16 – ENERGY STAR® qualified in all sizes, the 16 is ideal for mild summers. Its single-stage scroll compressor and quiet operation mean optimum comfort and enjoyment.

Carrier Performance™ Series Air Conditioners

Carrier’s Performance™ series boasts reliable units in compact sizes—without sacrificing comfort.

  • Performance™ 17 – Its two-stage compression means quiet operation and advanced dehumidification. The 17 is ENERGY STAR® qualified in all sizes.
  • Performance™ 16 – With WeatherArmor™ Ultra protection, ENERGY STAR® qualification, and a single-stage scroll compressor, the 16 is a great buy with long-term energy savings built-in.
  • Performance™ 14 – This stackable unit is perfect for multifamily buildings. It boasts a sound level as low as 68 decibels and comes with a 10-year parts limited warranty.
  • Performance™ 13 – Affordability and comfort are what you get with the 13—it offers a compressor sound blanket, WeatherArmor™ Ultra protection, and Puron® refrigerant that doesn’t deplete the ozone.

Carrier Comfort™ Series Air Conditioners

The Comfort™ Series offers Carrier’s most economical air conditioners.

  • Comfort™ 16 (24AAA6) – Quiet and efficient, this model has WeatherArmor™ Ultra protection and Puron® refrigerant that doesn’t deplete the ozone.
  • Comfort™ 16 (24ABC6) – This unit is ENERGY STAR® qualified in all sizes and features a single-stage scroll compressor and WeatherArmor™ Ultra protection.
  • Comfort™ 15 – With a filter drier system that keeps contaminants out and a SEER rating of up to 14, this unit packs a punch at a nice price.
  • Comfort™ 14 – You get quieter operation, a SEER rating of up to 14, and a 10-year parts limited warranty with this affordable model.
  • Comfort™ 13 – Featuring our non-ozone-depleting Puron® refrigerant, single-stage operation, and a 10-year parts limited warranty, the 13 offers comfort at a perfect price tag.

Learn more about Carrier’s air conditioning models here.

For AC installation in the Livonia area, there’s only one name you need to know—Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning! Contact us online to learn more.

Why Choose Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning for AC Installation?

You can count on us to provide you with a system that perfectly suits your needs—and to do the job right the first time, every time. We ensure your satisfaction by:

  • Asking the right questions and making sure that we provide what you want and need
  • Offering Carrier products, the quality leader in home heating and cooling
  • Thoroughly training each employee to see your job through from start to finish
  • Ensuring that every unit we sell and install performs up to your expectations
  • Providing quick, professional, and complete service to keep your systems operating at peak efficiency

We aim to do more than install a new air conditioner in your home. We want to make you a customer for life!

Air Conditioning Installation FAQ

Before having a new AC unit installed, you may find yourself with some questions. Here are some common questions we hear at Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning.

What air conditioner is best for my home?

The best air conditioner for your home is one that fits your budget and is properly sized for your property. In addition, you want to work with a trustworthy brand that is known for reliable, durable units. Carrier has many units that fit a range of budgets and efficiency needs, and these units stand the test of time. Working with a qualified HVAC technician who can help you weigh your needs and options is the best way to get the right fit.

How long will a new air conditioner last?

You can plan for about 15 to 18 years of use from an air conditioner with proper maintenance. Your overall use and demand and the quality of the original installation will affect the unit’s life span.

Does replacing my AC mean replacing the AC coil as well?

Yes, these units are designed to work with a specific coil. When you have a new AC installed in your home, we recommend replacing the AC coil at the same time to ensure optimal, safe, and efficient function.

If I need to replace the compressor, do I need to replace the entire air conditioner?

No, the compressor, which is the main part of the outdoor unit, can be replaced without replacing the entire system. However, it may be more cost-effective in the long run to replace everything, particularly if the system is more than a year old.

How can I make my air conditioner last longer?

To get the most life out of your AC unit, you need to keep it well maintained. Routine maintenance checks, particularly at the start of the cooling season, will help extend its life span. Repairing issues when they first arise will also extend the life span of your system.

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Properly maintained systems use 10%-15% less energy.
Increased System Life Regular maintenance extends the life of your HVAC system.
Convenience We call you when it is time to schedule the maintenance on your system.
Peace of Mind A properly maintained system will help to avoid costly emergency repairs.

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Starting with our estimate with Eric to our service technicians Dave and Rob. They are ultimate professionals. We had a new Carrier furnace and AC unit installed and we’re very pleased with the work. We can tell that they take pride in their work down to the smallest detail. They were on time, courteous, know... -Horace