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Air Conditioner Maintenance in Livonia

To stay healthy, you schedule regular doctors’ appointments, dentist checkups, and a variety of other medical appointments. You understand these checkups are crucial to your well-being—so why would you not do the same for your cooling system?

Regular air conditioning maintenance is essential. An annual tune-up can help keep your cooling system running efficiently and help you avoid costly AC repairs. Plus, it’s better to catch a small problem before it becomes an expensive bill!

That’s where the team at Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning can help. Your neighbors in Livonia and the surrounding areas have trusted us to keep their AC units in working order for more than 60 years.

Ready to schedule AC maintenance in Livonia or a surrounding area? Contact us online or by phone at (248) 579-2362!

Is an AC Maintenance Tune-Up Necessary?

The short answer is yes! An AC tune-up is a cost-effective way to keep your unit well-maintained, running at peak efficiency, and avoiding preventable breakdowns. When you think of how frequently your air conditioning system runs throughout the summer year after year, it makes sense to get it inspected and tuned up once a year to keep it working properly all season.

AC Tune-Up: What’s Included?

When you schedule an air conditioner tune-up with Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning, you can rest easy knowing you’re doing everything in your power to keep your cooling system operating at peak efficiency all summer long.

During your air conditioner tune-up, your NATE-certified technician will:

  • Clean or replace the filter, if necessary.
  • Check the evaporator coil and the condenser coil for dirt, and clean them as needed.
  • Check the air conditioner’s refrigerant level. If the refrigerant is low, it wasn’t properly charged at installation or is leaking.
  • Test for refrigerant leaks and dispose of any refrigerant in the method required by law (air conditioner refrigerant is a hazardous substance).
  • Check coil fins for bends and straighten them if necessary.
  • Check all controls and sensors to make sure they are not in danger of malfunctioning.
  • Check belts for wear or breakage.
  • Check the thermostat for accuracy and recalibrate if necessary.
  • Inspect ducts and seal any gaps or leaks.
  • Inspect electric terminals; make sure connections are tight and non-corroded.
  • Measure the evaporator coil’s airflow.
  • Oil motors and other moving parts.
  • Perform additional checks as needed depending on your AC unit.

To schedule an AC maintenance tune-up in Livonia or a surrounding area, contact us online or by phone at (248) 579-2362!

Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance

There are many advantages to scheduling an AC maintenance visit in the Livonia area, including:

  • Increased efficiency. By keeping your system in the best working order, it won’t need to work harder as it ages to maintain the comfort levels in your home—allowing for increased efficiency and reduced cooling costs.
  • Enhanced comfort. With a regular tune-up, you can have peace of mind knowing your air conditioning system is operating at peak efficiency. This means your home will experience consistent comfort in every room, all summer long.
  • Fewer repairs. When our technicians perform maintenance on your AC system, they will be able to find small problems before they escalate into larger, more costly issues.

Save with Our Ehlers Membership

Give your air conditioning system—and your heating system—the care and attention it deserves by signing up for our Ehlers Membership.

Enrolling in the Ehlers Membership means never having to worry about scheduling your maintenance appointments—we’ll call you! Other benefits include:

  • Priority service on repair and emergency calls
  • Annual furnace inspection and tune-up
  • Annual air conditioning inspection and tune-up
  • Discounts on air filters and service repairs
  • Annual carbon monoxide test

These services help keep your heating and cooling system healthy and can catch problems before they become serious. Call Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning at (248) 579-2362 for details and pricing.

AC Maintenance: DIY Tips

Your air conditioner needs love and kindness if it’s to last its full life span. Annual maintenance performed by a professional is the best way to ensure this, but there are some DIY tasks you can perform in the meantime.

AC Coil Cleaning

AC coils are dirt traps, so they need to be cleaned every year, particularly in dusty environments. A little warm water and detergent will do the trick if you give your coils a few minutes of soaking time. Be sure to remove dust and debris from the condenser as well. You can support your coils by cutting intrusive foliage two or more feet away from your unit.

Coil Fins

Coil fins are delicate, so they bend easily. This can reduce the airflow and promote overheating, so use a fin comb to straighten them every time you clean your coils. Remove the screws, pull out the fan, and comb upwards with your fin tool.

Drain Channels

When drain channels are clogged, they cause excess humidity, which can discolor your décor. You can easily remove blockages with a wire, but a preventative strategy is far more practical. To reduce the chance of blockages, add two cups of bleach or vinegar to your drain channel every month.

Filter Replacement

Your filters need replacement every three months, but it’s best to perform a monthly clean if you live in a polluted neighborhood. This is the most important part of your DIY routine because it prevents overheating and assures you of clean, allergen-free air. Clean filters reduce energy consumption by up to 15%, so your bank account will thank you for your fastidiousness. You’ll find your HVAC filters in the ductwork in your ceiling, furnace, or air conditioner. You don’t need to leave your living room to source new filters; use the Ehlers online portal to order HVAC filters straight to your door. It couldn’t be easier.

Schedule AC Maintenance in Livonia, MI

When you need AC maintenance at your Livonia home, count on Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning. When you choose us, we promise to provide prompt, professional service and quality Carrier products.

Call Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning now at (248) 579-2362 for air conditioning maintenance in Livonia. For more information, contact us online.

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Properly maintained systems use 10%-15% less energy.
Increased System Life Regular maintenance extends the life of your HVAC system.
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Peace of Mind A properly maintained system will help to avoid costly emergency repairs.

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