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Ductless Mini Split Repair in Livonia, Michigan

Your ductless mini-split is perfect for heating and cooling your Michigan home. Perhaps you installed one to keep a home add-on as comfortable as the rest of the house. Maybe you paired several indoor air handlers with a single outdoor compressor for whole-house comfort, no ductwork required.

No matter the case, you might occasionally face a broken or malfunctioning ductless mini split. When this happens, call Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning to perform a professional ductless mini split repair. We’re available 24 hours a day to assist you with any repair you need, day or night, weekend or holiday!

Call us today at (248) 579-2362 to schedule ductless mini split repair in the Livonia, MI area.

Ductless Mini Split Repair Services

If you live in the Livonia area of southeastern Michigan, Ehlers is here to perform the ductless mini split repair you need. Choose us for the job, and you’ll enjoy these great services:

  • Prompt response time: When you set an appointment, we arrive on time and get to work without delay. When you request emergency services, we do everything we can to reach you quickly, so we can get your ductless mini split back up and running in no time.
  • Friendly, professional service: Our NATE-certified technicians are knowledgeable and courteous. We’ll ask all the right questions to find out what’s wrong, diagnose the problem promptly, and offer our recommendation for the best course of action. If a replacement turns out to be best, we can install a new, high-performance Ductless system in your home.
  • Quick, effective repairs: Our goal is to work quickly without compromising the quality of the repair. With our many years of training and experience, you can trust us to get the job done right the first time around!

Signs You Need Ductless Mini Split Repair

When your ductless unit isn’t doing its job, basic troubleshooting may be enough to solve the problem. However, if your efforts prove fruitless, it’s important not to fiddle with the wall-mounted air handler or outdoor unit too extensively. You could do more harm than good or even endanger yourself.

No, it’s better to leave ductless mini split repair work to a qualified professional who has the proper knowledge and tools to perform a job well done. Here are the top signs you should schedule a repair with Ehlers:

  • Inadequate heating or cooling: First, clean or replace the filter to see if that helps. If the air still feels lukewarm, this could mean the refrigerant charge is low. There might be a leak, or the system could have been charged incorrectly at installation. Either way, you need a licensed professional to deal with refrigerant issues.
  • An indoor unit is leaking: While water leaks are less serious than refrigerant leaks, it’s still a problem. Water dripping from an indoor air handling unit could mean the condensate drain hose is clogged. If the unit doesn’t drain properly, it could cause water damage in your home or even cause the unit to tear away from the wall. Call us right away for a ductless mini split repair if you notice this problem.
  • Odd noises or smells: These are warning signs that something is wrong. Even if the unit still seems to be functioning, call us for a diagnosis and repair.
  • The remote control doesn’t work: Because indoor units are often mounted high on the wall, ductless mini splits can be remote controlled. If the remote has stopped working, try replacing the batteries. If this doesn’t help, there could be an underlying electrical issue or power supply problem that requires professional attention.

Ductless Heating & Cooling Systems in Livonia

Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to be a Factory Authorized Dealer. When you need ductless system repair service in Livonia, call us at (248) 579-2362 or contact us online.

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