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Boiler Repair & Maintenance in Livonia, MI

Technician repairing a boiler in a home.

Has your boiler started to give you problems? Is it unreliable and inconsistent when it comes to keeping your home warm during our freezing Michigan winters? Are you constantly troubleshooting problems or dealing with breakdowns? If you answer “yes” to any of those questions, you most likely need boiler service.

Contact Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning for boiler service in the Livonia, Michigan, area. We can assess your situation and fix any boiler problems you have. Our technicians have experience in boiler installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair.

Contact us to speak to our HVAC technicians and schedule boiler repairs today.

What’s Included in Your Boiler Service?

It’s highly recommended to perform boiler maintenance before the start of the heating season to ensure that your boiler is running smoothly and efficiently.

During your boiler service, our technicians will:

  • Inspect your boiler and its controls to ensure they work safely and efficiently.
  • Remove your boiler casing to check the main components for any malfunctions.
  • Check your unit’s gas pressure to ensure it’s running at the correct limit.
  • Check your boiler for corrosion and leaks.
  • Perform a flue test to ensure no unsafe emissions are being released into your Livonia-area home.

It’s best to schedule your routine boiler service in the fall — you don’t want to wait until that first cold night to turn on your boiler only to realize there’s a problem.

Call (248) 579-2362 today to schedule boiler service in Livonia, MI.

Reliable Boiler Repair & Maintenance

Is your boiler cracked, leaking, or making weird noises? The experts at Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning can help. Our HVAC technicians will examine your boiler to diagnose the issues, and we’ll repair your boiler so it operates efficiently.

We offer comprehensive boiler maintenance to make sure your boiler works throughout the year. Our technicians will also do a full assessment of your boiler, and in the case of a replacement, we’ll help you understand the best replacement options for your home and needs. 

Call (248) 579-2362 to schedule boiler repairs for your Livonia home.

Boiler Installation & Replacement

If your home’s boiler is on its last leg, it might be time to consider a replacement. Why spend money on costly repairs time and again when you can replace your inefficient system?

Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning will work with you to determine the best boiler unit to heat your Michigan home.

Here are common signs you need a boiler replacement:

  • Costs are getting too high: Whether your heating bills have gone through the roof or you’ve had to pay for multiple repairs, the bills keep adding up. This indicates your boiler may not be running efficiently.
  • The age of your boiler is starting to show: If rust appears or your boiler is leaking regularly, it may be time to schedule a replacement.
  • Your system’s inefficiency is becoming more apparent: Although boilers are designed to last for a long time, the older your boiler is, the more energy it’s using to heat your home. Newer technologies in modern boilers allow for improved efficiency.

Contact us today if your aging boiler needs to be replaced. We offer reliable boiler installations in the Livonia, Michigan, area.

Schedule Your Boiler Service in Livonia, Michigan

Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning has provided Wayne County with boiler repairs and replacements for over half a century. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service to you and your family.

You can count on us to deliver a system that perfectly suits your needs — and to do the job right the first time, every time. We also offer 24-hour emergency heating repair for homeowners in the Livonia, MI, area.

Call Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning at (248) 579-2362 to schedule a boiler service in Wayne County. You’ll be glad you did.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boilers

Common questions we receive about boilers include:

How much does boiler replacement cost?

The cost of a boiler replacement varies based on factors such as the brand, size, efficiency, and installation requirements. Higher-end brands, larger units, and more efficient models typically come with a higher price tag, and installation costs can also fluctuate.

Who works on boilers?

Boilers are typically serviced and installed by HVAC companies. These professionals have the expertise to handle boiler repairs, replacements, and maintenance, ensuring the system operates efficiently and safely.

Should I repair or replace my boiler?

Whether to repair or replace your boiler depends on factors like its age, the cost of repairs, and overall efficiency. Our expert technicians can assess your system and provide insight to help you make an informed decision.

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Properly maintained systems use 10%-15% less energy.
Increased System Life Regular maintenance extends the life of your HVAC system.
Convenience We call you when it is time to schedule the maintenance on your system.
Peace of Mind A properly maintained system will help to avoid costly emergency repairs.

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