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Whole-House Air Purifiers

Air purifier systems can seem like your magic ticket out of allergy-land, but they aren’t all made alike. Portable systems can certainly improve your symptoms, but whole-house products use your HVAC system to widen that effect exponentially. They don’t add messy mechanical equipment to your beautifully chosen décor, and they’re the best way to purify your entire home.

The term “whole-house purifier” is a catch-all phrase that represents a number of different systems. They can be divided into:

  • Filter-based products that fit into HVAC units
  • Duct-based purifiers that fit into your HVAC ducts
  • Stand-alone purifiers that require their own exhausts and air intake systems

Your Whole-House Purifier Options

There are three ways to install a whole-house purifier into your system. A bypass installation will allow your HVAC airflow to continue working unimpeded. A non-bypass configuration uses the return airpath of your ductwork. These are typically HEPA purifier systems, which can reduce your HVAC’s efficiency if poorly handled. Your purifier can also be installed into your ductwork’s supply path. Duct-based purifiers are ideal for houses that have forced-air HVAC systems. They need careful maintenance in areas with high humidity levels and can only purify in rooms with air grilles. Ehlers Heating and Air Conditioning will talk you through your options. Our 50 years of experience assure you of expert advice, so call us at 248-579-2362.

HVAC-Reliant Purifiers

Duct-based whole-house purifiers often need to be fitted with a stronger blower, but as long as you clean your filter regularly, they should supply allergen-free air. An HVAC system that relies on replacement filters will only be as effective as the cleanliness of those filters, and dirty filters could even send unpurified air to other rooms in the home. Similarly, if you only run your HVAC for part of the day, your purifiers will only protect you during those times. In other words, your purifier carries the same limitations as your HVAC.

If your existing technology is inefficient, so is any filtration system you add to it. Despite the challenges, whole-house air purification is the best way to reduce allergens and pollutants in every room of the house. It’s also the only invisible system. It produces no noise and requires very little maintenance. Our background in heating and cooling translates into high-quality service, so we’re the perfect place to start. Our goal is always to bring you the best product for your needs, and not the best quote for our pockets. Our advice is always honest and client-focused. Call us for a consultation at (248)579-2362.

Replacements and Maintenance

Your purifier will probably give you problems from time to time. Motors can fail and switches can become faulty. Shafts can freeze and motor bearings can become dry. No whole-house purifier can excel without careful maintenance. Your carbon filters need to be changed every three months. HEPA filters are less needy, requiring replacement only once a year. Media filters and UC lightbulbs also need regular attention. Inlets and grills can pollute the rest of your system, but if you brush them regularly, your air should be forest-fresh.

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Regular services will improve your air quality. A skilled installation and knowledgeable product choice will give you results you’ll feel. That’s where Ehlers Heating and Air Conditioning comes in. We’re NATE-certified HVAC specialists who know how to draw the best benefits out of your existing infrastructure. Our repairs and maintenance services will keep your whole-house purifier in perfect shape.

With half a century’s experience as a Carrier dealer, we’ll bring you excellent results, so call us to discuss your options at (248) 579-2362.

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