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Geothermal Heating in Livonia, Michigan

Are you looking for green heating options that do not sacrifice heating quality or performance in exchange for a lower carbon footprint? The heating experts at Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning can set you up with the best of the best with our full range of geothermal heating systems!

Our team has been putting the comfort and needs of homeowners in Livonia and the surrounding areas first for over half a century. We’re the local heating contractors you can trust when you want quality products, dependable service, and a service team that is dedicated to making you happy.

For geothermal heating services, heat pump services, and more in Livonia, MI, call (248) 579-2362 or connect with us online!

How Does Geothermal Heating Work?

Geothermal systems operate much in the same way as an air-source heat pump, utilizing already available heat energy to provide for your needs. The major difference between the two systems is that while a standard heat pump uses ambient energy from outdoor air, a geothermal system draws from the heat available deep underground. This provides a far more stable medium, as the temperature underground changes very little regardless of the time of year or weather above ground.

This difference results in a system that is considerably more effective at handling your heating and comfort needs, and one that is substantially more efficient than the already efficient standard heat pump units.

Geothermal Heating Installation in Livonia, MI

As a leading provider of heating installation services, our team is proud to offer top-class picks from Carrier to our clients. We can help you select the ideal new system for your home and perform a thorough, precise installation service that will guarantee excellent home heating and cooling to meet your year-round comfort needs.

Are Geothermal Heat Pumps More Expensive than Other Heating Options?

We won’t try to cloud things—a geothermal heat pump is going to cost more up front than, for example, a furnace. However, there are some important factors to keep in mind that can make the cost all the more worth it, including:

  • Geothermal units can heat your home and cool it, meaning you’re buying an all in one system that keeps you covered all year long.
  • GHPs feature the absolute best efficiency and efficiency ratings, absolutely blowing away any other option on the market and drastically reducing your monthly energy costs, which will mitigate the initial cost very quickly.
  • Geothermal heat pumps are the best option for homeowners looking to go “green” and reduce their impact on the environment. Less energy used, less energy wasted, and more comfort all in one!

Geothermal Heating Repair Service

Even an expertly installed heating and cooling system can run across trouble from time to time, but you can count on Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning to be there right away to perform precise repairs. Contact us if you notice:

  • Drops in heating performance or evenness
  • Loud or odd noises coming from the unit while it is running
  • Signs of freezing or a presence of frost on the unit

Geothermal Heat Pump Maintenance in Wayne County

Geothermal heat pumps are an investment well worth protecting, and the HVAC contractors at Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning are here to ensure you get the quality HVAC services you need. We perform thorough geothermal heating cleaning, inspections, performance testing, and calibrations to make certain your system keeps on providing the very best comfort quality that it can.

Contact Ehlers for Heat Pump & Geothermal Heating Services in Livonia, Michigan

Connect with us online to schedule geothermal heat pump services in Livonia, or call (248) 579-2362 to schedule a consultation for a new geothermal heating installation!

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Properly maintained systems use 10%-15% less energy.
Increased System Life Regular maintenance extends the life of your HVAC system.
Convenience We call you when it is time to schedule the maintenance on your system.
Peace of Mind A properly maintained system will help to avoid costly emergency repairs.

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Starting with our estimate with Eric to our service technicians Dave and Rob. They are ultimate professionals. We had a new Carrier furnace and AC unit installed and we’re very pleased with the work. We can tell that they take pride in their work down to the smallest detail. They were on time, courteous, know... -Horace