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Carrier Comfort in Your Livonia Area Home

Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning offers the full range of quality Carrier air conditioners and furnaces—and so much more. We sell, install, and service the full range of Carrier’s specialty home comfort solutions.

If you’re looking to maximize the efficiency of your existing home heating or cooling system, or meet a specialized home heating or cooling requirement, Carrier’s got a product for you—and Ehlers has the knowledge and expertise to get it installed fast and working right the first time, every time.

We offer solutions to all your heating and cooling problems. Whether you need a new heating system installed, or a cooling system replaced—our skilled technicians can handle any HVAC issue. We only install the highest quality products throughout the Livonia, Michigan area!

Call Ehlers at (248) 579-2362 to learn how your home can benefit from Carrier’s home comfort solutions!

Products We Offer in the Wayne County Area:

Air Quality Solutions

Better indoor air means better health, and Ehlers has Carrier humidifiers, ventilators, filtration systems, carbon monoxide alarms, and ultraviolet cleaners to optimize your home’s air quality.

Controls & Thermostats

Programmable thermostats offer more than just convenience. They allow you to keep your home at its most comfortable while customizing climate control and saving energy. Programmable thermostats and other home comfort controls are available with a number of different functionalities in a range of styles to suit every home’s needs.

A full range of precision, high-performance thermostatic controls, including wireless and Thermidistat™ options, give you precise control over temperatures and scheduling while helping your home’s heating and cooling systems perform at peak efficiency.

Heat Pumps

During the winter, heat pumps transfer heat from the outside air into your home via refrigerant lines and a compressor. During hot weather, the system is reversed to cool your home by moving heat from the inside out. This ingenious design allows you to have just one system for heating and cooling!

Specialized air conditioning systems that heat your home too! Carrier heat pump systems offer the ultimate in heating and cooling efficiency and versatility.

Evaporator Coils & Fan Coils

Carrier helps you experience ultimate comfort and increased air circulation with forced-air heat fan coils, and optimal efficiency with air conditioner evaporator coils.

Packaged Products

Special-application Carrier Hybrid Heat™ dual-fuel heating, cooling, and heat pump products provide the ultimate in comfort and versatility.


Has your boiler started to give you problems? Is it unreliable and inconsistent when it comes to keeping your home warm throughout those freezing Michigan winters? Are you constantly troubleshooting problems or dealing with breakdowns? If this sounds like the boiler in your home, you need boiler service.

Call us to increase the efficiency of your radiant heating system with a state-of-the-art Carrier gas- or oil-fueled boiler system.

Other Products

  • Carrier Infinity Air Purifier


    The award-winning Infinity air purifier works silently in-line with your HVAC system to make the air you breathe healthier. It uses Captures and Kills™ technology to trap up to 95% of pathogens down to .30 micron in size, then uses an electrical charge to kill or inactive them.
    With every cycle of air that passes through this patented air purifying system–up to 8 per hour, pollen, animal dander, smoke, bacteria and other pollutants are trapped and held tightly to the filter. An electrical charge then bursts the cell walls of pathogens it comes in contact with.
    Independent testing has proven the Infinity air purifier’s effectiveness against 13 pathogens plus a common household fungus.

  • FX4D Performance™ Series


    Comfort™ Series High Efficiency Fan Coil

    When it comes to saving on your energy dollars, moving cool air inside your home with a variable-speed fan coil can make a surprising difference.
    You can gain up to 2 SEER rating points on your air conditioner or heat pump efficiency. You can also gain on comfort. Variable-speed enables better summer humidity control and more consistent air temperatures along with quieter operation. Less humidity also means you’ll feel cooler at slightly warmer temperatures. It’s another way an Infinity fan coil can help you save money.

  • HUMCCSFP Performance Series


    Performance Series Small Fan Powered Humidifiers

    Dry, heated indoor air is often responsible for irritated sinuses, noses or throats, itchy skin, annoying static electricity, and cracked woodwork, wallpaper, and paint. A humidifier is the solution. The humidifier evenly distributes moisture throughout the home to help eliminate the problems associated with dry, heated air. Also enjoy enhanced comfort and energy savings since humidified air actually feels warmer than dry air, meaning the thermostat can be set at a lower temperature for more economical operation.

  • HRV Performance Series High Efficiency


    Heat Recovery Ventilators

    Carrier Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) are designed to operate as an integral part of a total HVAC system while improving the homeowner’s indoor air quality. The HRV exhausts stale indoor air to the outside and fresh air is drawn from outside and delivered into the home. The heat exchange core transfers heat energy to and from the incoming and outgoing air. Excess wintertime humidity and contaminants are flushed from the house.

  • 40MVC Comfort™ Series

    Carrier_Ductless_AC System_40mvc

    Ductless split systems are a matched combination of an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor fan coil unit connected only by refrigerant tubing and wires.
    The 40MVC fan coil is matched with a 38MVC condensing unit.

  • BWM


    The BWM, unlike normal residential atmospheric and induced draft boilers, takes its combustion air directly from the outdoors (sealed combustion) and does not compete with building occupants for fresh air. Sealed combustion (also known as direct vent) is the safest and best way to obtain plenty of clean combustion air. The induced draft fan draws in the outside combustion air, then takes the cooler flue gases from the heat exchanger and provides a positive removal of the flue gases from the building through inexpensive and readily available PVC and CPVC pipes.

For more HVAC products, please visit Carrier.com



  • "I called for service because the furnace was not working at a rental property. It was shortly before 5 pm and very cold outside and in the house. The area had just had the worst wind storm in our history and I know you must have been extremely busy. I was told you would be able to have someone come out the next day and I scheduled the appointment. A few minutes later I received a return call from your office saying that Keith was in our area and he would be able to fit us in. Keith was there within 20 minutes. He had the part that was needed and fixed the furnace. He has worked on several of our furnaces in the last couple of years and I am always extremely happy with the job he has done, his professionalism and his friendly personality! I will continue to use Ehlers for all of our heating and cooling needs."
    Customer: Lori
    Address: Livonia, Michigan
    Employee: Service Technician
    Work description: Furnace Repair

  • "Great service prompt and efficient. Great customer service both in and out of the office. Thank you."
    Customer: Phyllis
    Address: Livonia, Michigan
    Employee: Service Technician
    Work description: Furnace Repair

  • "Called at closing the day before. Service came next day and fixed problem in 1/2 hour. With house at 49 degrees that morning i was very pleased. And as always fixed the first time and no future re-occurrence. Paying yo have the best show up!"
    Customer: James
    Address: South Lyon, Michigan
    Employee: Service Technician
    Work description: Furnace Repair

  • "I thought that the company was great! I had so many men to replace my furnace and air conditioning unit they were quick and when I needed them they were here. "
    Customer: Jan
    Address: Livonia, Michigan
    Employee: Service Technician
    Work description: Furnace Repair

  • "Very professional and responsive. Called at night and on the weekends. "
    Customer: Clayton
    Address: West Bloomfield Township, Michigan
    Employee: Service Technician
    Work description: Boiler Service

  • "Service man was very informative and helpful."
    Customer: Margaret
    Address: Canton, Michigan
    Employee: Service Technician
    Work description: Furnace Repair

  • "Reliable and honest!"
    Customer: Cindy
    Address: Northville, Michigan
    Employee: Service Technician
    Work description: Furnace Repair

  • "Friendly service man and he fixed the problem."
    Customer: Craig
    Address: Plymouth, Michigan
    Employee: Service Technician
    Work description: HVAC Repair

  • "You folks have the best customer service I have ever experienced. When I called the office desperate because the roof top furnace at the building I own wasn't working, Sam treated me like a long time customer and had someone out within a couple of hours. Unfortunately the temporary fix didn't hold so Kieth came out on a SUNDAY to diagnose the problem. Then on Momday in the rain he came and fixed the unit much to my tenant's relief. Then Sam worked with me to get advantage of every discount you guys offered. Great experience. Ehlers is my permanent HVAC people and will recommend you. Thanks. Bob"
    Customer: Bob
    Address: Canton, Michigan
    Employee: Service Technician
    Work description: Furnace Repair

  • "Prompt, courteous service. Problem was properly diagnosed and repaired."
    Customer: John
    Address: Farmington Hills, Michigan
    Employee: Service Technician
    Work description: Furnace Repair
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    Ehlers is proud to be a Carrier dealer and top HVAC company in the Livonia, MI area.

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