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Best Thermostat Settings for Michigan Weather

Thermostat on a white wall, with a hand adjusting the temperature.

When it comes to maintaining a comfortable indoor environment, finding the right thermostat settings is crucial, especially in a state like Michigan, where the weather can vary significantly throughout the year.

From chilly winters to warm summers, adapting your thermostat settings to the changing seasons can make a significant difference in your comfort and energy bills.

In this blog, we’ll explore the best thermostat settings for Michigan’s climate, taking into consideration various factors that influence these settings.

Factors That Influence Thermostat Settings

The optimal thermostat settings for your home can be influenced by a variety of factors, including:

  • Humidity: High humidity can make a space feel warmer than it actually is, while low humidity can make it feel cooler. If you feel your indoor humidity is too high or too low, it’s best to consult a professional and consider a dehumidifier or humidifier for your home.
  • Outdoor temperature: Naturally, the outdoor temperature has a direct impact on your indoor comfort. Different temperature ranges may require adjustments to your thermostat settings. The closer your thermostat settings are to the outdoor temperature, the more you save on energy bills.
  • Time of day: The temperature you find comfortable during the day might differ from what you prefer at night. Creating a schedule that reflects your daily routine can help you save energy while staying comfortable.
  • Indoor activities: Cooking, showering, and using certain appliances can generate heat, affecting your indoor climate.
  • Occupancy: If you’re away from home during the day, you might want to set your thermostat to a slightly higher or lower temperature to save energy. 

Best Thermostat Settings for Michigan Summers

When it comes to managing cooling expenses in Michigan during the summer, you’re in a more favorable position compared to tropical and desert states. Michigan’s summer temperatures tend to hover around the mid-to-late 80s, sparing your cooling systems from the extreme demands faced in hotter regions.

While not as scorching, the golden rule still holds true: the warmer you set your thermostat, the more economical your energy consumption becomes.

The ideal setting recommended by experts is around 78°F, and for each degree you elevate your thermostat above 78°F, you can trim up to 8% off your energy bills, leading to substantial savings.

When To Change Your Thermostat From Cool to Heat

As the seasons transition and Michigan’s weather starts to get colder, knowing when to switch your thermostat from cooling to heating mode can help you save in the long run.

This decision often depends on outdoor temperatures and your personal comfort level. It’s best not to wait for freezing temperatures to hit to prevent potential damage to your home’s pipes.

To make sure your heating and cooling systems are prepared for the changing seasons, it’s a good idea to schedule regular HVAC maintenance. If you’re in Michigan, Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning is your trusted partner for all things HVAC.

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